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Assignment Questions 1. What internal and external elements were impacting sunrise's performance between 1998 and 2000? What effect did the changes on the Swiss telecommunications industry have on sunrise’s performance? 2. Why did sunrise merge with diAx? Did it make sense for TDC to increase its share of the merged company to 78.5%? What were the benefits of this effective takeover for sunrise? Were there any negative effects? 3. Why was Kim Frimer put in the role of Chief Executive Officer at sunrise? Was he well prepared for the role? What were the key challenges he faced immediately upon assuming the role of CEO? What specific problems did he identify? 4. How would you characterize sunrise’s corporate culture as of 2000 when Frimer took over? What were its key elements? Is sunrise a strong culture company in the sense that the culture is deeply ingrained? Why or why not? 5. What were the key elements of Frimer’s turnaround strategy at sunrise?
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Unformatted text preview: What were Frimer’s first actions as CEO of sunrise? 6. What are the key policies and operating practices underlying implementation and execution of Frimer’s turnaround plan at sunrise? 7. What accounts for the success that Kim Frimer had in turning sunrise around? How did he do it? What 3 or 4 things provide the best explanation? What grade would you give Kim Frimer for the job he has done in crafting the turnaround plan at sunrise? 8. Identify the main characteristics of Frimer’s management philosophy that helped facilitate sunrise’s success. How important was delegation to Frimer’s management style? How did he facilitate communication, information gathering and group decision making among the top management? Would you like to work for Frimer? Why or why not? 9. What key challenges do Kim Frimer and sunrise face in the near future? What does Frimer need to do to enable sunrise to maintain its momentum?...
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