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Assignment Questions 1. Do you see anything unethical about how Merck handled the research of Vioxx’s safety? 2. What evidence supports the conclusion that the actions and behavior of Merck’s executives were ethical and aboveboard insofar in how the marketing of Vioxx was handled? 3. What evidence indicates that Merck’s executives knew that there were important safety issues regarding Vioxx that were not adequately disclosed to doctors and patients? 4. Do you see anything unethical about how Merck handled the marketing of Vioxx? Is it ethical for a pharmaceutical company to market its drugs directly to the public as opposed
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Unformatted text preview: to marketing through doctors (by informing them of the benefits and potential adverse side effects of their drugs)? 5. Did the Federal Drug Administration do a good job in monitoring the safety of Vioxx? Should the FDA have been more aggressive in pushing Merck to do more research and clinical trials regarding the safety of Vioxx following the results of the Naproxen study? Should the FDA have insisted on stronger warning labels? Why or why not? 6. Did Merck act appropriately in recalling Vioxx and ceasing all efforts to market Vioxx in September 2004? Should it have recalled the drug sooner? Why or why not?...
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