BMGT 500 ASSI 10 - Answer-The fact that Skype uses a...

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ASSIGNMENT – 10 SAPAN PANCHAL ID 110-00-3260 BMGT 500 1. If you were the head of the IT department in a company, would you allow using  Skype on the company's network? Answer:- Yes, I would allow using Skype as a company’s network because Skype allows users to  establish direct connection with each other. It’s also “port agile”, meaning that if a firewall  port is blocked Skype will look around for other open ports that it can use to establish a  connection. Skype could provide a backdoor entry into otherwise secure networks for  Trojans, worms and viruses. It could also provide a channel for corporate data to be  freely shared between users without any of the usual security consideration.  2. In what ways can a company control the use of Skype knowing that it is a key  factor in communication with its clients?
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Unformatted text preview: Answer:-The fact that Skype uses a proprietary protocol instead of a standard one such as the session initiation protocol (SIP) also makes it an unknown from the point of the vulnerabilities that might be there. Every nonstandard application can add unnecessary risks to your environment. In the end no one really knows what all is built into such an application. So far at least, there have been no major attacks directed against Skype. And Skype has garnered more than 61 million registered users, approximately 30% of whom use it for business purposes, according to the company. And it also accepted in the U.S. as well. SKILL BUILDING EXERSICE:- ( PAGE 568 CHAPTER 17) 1. YES 2. NO 3. YES 4. NO 5. NO 6. NO 7. YES 8. NO 9. NO 10. YES...
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BMGT 500 ASSI 10 - Answer-The fact that Skype uses a...

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