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Multiple Choice Questions Make your answers on the Answer page at the end of the test 1. Personnel management covers: a. Top managers only b. Lower level managers only c. Employees who work on the assembly line d. All employees (page 351 bullet 3) 2. The process of determining the best employees for the job is: a. Job analysis b. Placement c. Selection (p.384 para 3) d. Recruitment 3. To determine the total number of employees you need for your company, you should do: Ratio analysis Work-load analysis? ( p.358. not so clear, answer c could also be true) Workforce analysis? Job analysis 4. A company has 1000 plant employees this year and the sales forecast for next year is a 20% increase over this year and 5% of the employees are expected to leave for retirement or quit. How many plant employees will they need next year? 1200 250 1250 50 5. Which characteristic identifies a staff manager? a. Solves special problems (p.367,table) b. Directs others c. Makes operating decisions d. Trains subordinates 6. George Bush is the CEO of your company. He wants to recruit employees. Which method should he follow? a. Conduct reference checks b. Conduct selection tests c. Conduct screening interviews d. Advertise in newspapers (p.383) 7. A CPA firm wants to hire an accountant who is qualified in Accounting software. If the company gives candidates a test using Quickbooks, this is an example of a a. Aptitude test b. Personality test c. Intelligence test d. Achievement test (p.386) 8. What is a characteristic of developmental skills? a. It refers to improving an employee’s specific skills 1
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b. It is usually for Non-managers c. It is used for technical operations d. It refers to general knowledge . (p.391 table) 9. You want to improve one of your employee’s performances with on the job training. You should: a. Send him to a conference b. Have him sign up for an MBA course c. Assign the employee to learn from a trainer within the company (p.392) d. Send the employee to an Assessment Center 10. If a manager believe that the employee can do nothing wrong, it is known as : a) Judgment error b) Stereotyping c) Halo effect ? d) Leniency 11. Which principles states that employees should receive orders from only one supervisor? a) Principle of direct supervision b) Principle of harmony of objectives c) Principle of unity of command (p.69,279) d) Principle of follow-up 12. To promote good leadership, management should: a. Issue standard operating procedures (p.433) b. Not follow up on instructions c. Have flexible time tables d. Ignore the chain of command 13. The greatest challenge to supervisors is: a) Conceptual skills b) Technical skills
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BMGT500_2010_Final_Exam - Multiple Choice Questions Make...

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