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P4170014 - 6 For a dental policy you are given a Gromd-up...

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Unformatted text preview: 6. For a dental policy, you are given: a. Gromd-up lone: follow am My disfiihufion with we b. 1mm unda 56 arena! mos-sod to the imam. c. For each loss over 50. than is l Whiz of 50 and policy limit of 350. d. A ram ample offive chin: W- for thin policy la: 50, :50. 200, 350+, 350+ when f+' Mum that origiul Ion exceeds 400. Calculate the MLE of 9. f(x}= it: - i’ 9' “35° sore) ' ' ,MI‘ 3(150): L: ée “6" d7: ...
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