Management Information Systems - Assignment 3

Management Information Systems - Assignment 3 - Discussion...

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Discussion Questions Pg. 67, #3, #5, #8 Q3. How could a business leverage its investment in information technology to build strategic IT capabilities that serve as a barrier to new entrants into its markets? Businesses use information technology to gain a competitive advantage by creating strong relationships amongst themselves, customers and suppliers. Providing a customer – centered environment in which products are recommended based on past purchases, storing customer payment and shipping information for an effortless shopping experience, or offering free shipping for products, helps to develop customer loyalty. Using technology to improve business to business transactions creates faster and more effective distribution channels, thus allowing the business to respond to their customer’s needs quite rapidly. Businesses that leverage their information technology to develop customer loyalty and enhance their alliance with suppliers and distributors are able to effectively create barriers to new entrants into their markets. Q5. What strategic role can information play in business process reengineering? Business process reengineering is the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization that is used to enhance a business’ efficiency and effectiveness. Information plays a vital role in business process reengineering as it provides the business with
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Management Information Systems - Assignment 3 - Discussion...

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