Management Information Systems - Assignment 5

Management Information Systems - Assignment 5 - Chapter 3:...

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Chapter 3: Computer Hardware Discussion Questions: Pg. 119, #1, #3 Q1. What trends are occurring in the development and use of the major types of computer systems? Computer systems are becoming cheaper, faster, smaller, more powerful, and user friendly. Computer systems have moved from being huge special purpose, single task machines, for example the ENIAC, to being portable multitasking systems. The transition from vacuum tubes to silicon has made a huge impact in the advancement of computer industry. Miniaturization is not the only advancement that has propelled the use of computers; the ability to interconnect computer systems and other devices through the internet for the purpose of communicating and sharing information has made the computer system one of the most powerful tools of the 20 th and 21 st centuries. The Institute for Global Futures believes that in the 21 st century, computers will become powerful extensions of human beings that are designed to augment intelligence, learning, communications, and productivity. We live in a world that is heavily dependent on technology; we communicate through email and text messaging, we acquire and accept knowledge through digital feeds, we make decisions based on the information
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Management Information Systems - Assignment 5 - Chapter 3:...

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