Management Information Systems - Assignment 6

Management Information Systems - Assignment 6 - Discussion...

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Discussion Questions: Pg. 120 #3 Q3. Can computers think like people? a. Aside from those mentioned above, in what applications might businesses find it useful to distinguish between a human and a computer? Financial institutions such as banks may use similar tools to ensure that their clients’ bank records are safe from hackers. Bank of America uses SiteKey – a unique image that is chosen by the client and acts as an additional layer of identity verification for signing in to their online banking system. The SiteKey will not present itself unless the user has answered several security questions. After answering these questions, the user has to input their unique password that provides them access to their account information. These various layers of security make it difficult for computer hacking software to access users online bank accounts through brute force.
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b. Describe a Turing test that a visually impaired person, not a computer, might pass. A computer may have challenges identifying and repeating a phrase in an audio file that is distorted, whereas an individual will be able to differentiate the words and repeat them to a voice recognition application. Gmail and Hotmail use audio as another method of differentiating computers from humans. c. Search the Internet for the term “captcha” and describe its strengths and weaknesses. CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading
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Management Information Systems - Assignment 6 - Discussion...

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