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Management Information Systems - Assignment 11 - Chapter 6...

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Chapter 6: Telecommunications and Networks Discussion Questions: Pg. 254, #3 Q3. Pick a small business you would like to start. How would you handle the telecommunication needs of your company at the beginning? After your business had grown substantially a few years later? Explain the reasons for your choices. Pat and Max Ltd has been a trusted provider of secure ID solutions and other personalized products in Trinidad and Tobago since 1984. Founded by Mr. Max Senhouse, the company provides solutions to governmental agencies, educational institutions and corporate clients in Trinidad and Tobago and the southern Caribbean. Pat and Max Ltd is synonymous with exceptional customer service as it strives to provide customized solutions that meet a variety of needs and budgets. In the very early stages Senhouse knew that technology would differentiate his business from the rest and has effectively used the most cutting edge tools to provide solutions for his clients. To facilitate the daily operations of his business, Senhouse invested in IT solutions from various technology vendors which resulted in a fragmented network environment that was unreliable and frustrated employees. I was asked to take a look at the current infrastructure and make recommendations to solve the various challenges. Upon investigation, I immediately noticed several challenges. First the cabling throughout the office was not standardized; some cables were terminated using a CAT 5a configuration, while other were terminated using a CAT 5b. Second, Network hubs were used to provide connectivity to all IP based devices; this resulted in constant failures in connectivity especially when large files were transmitted. Third, the network was structured in a peer to peer configuration; all users had access to all the company’s information. Finally, internet and email was accessed via one computer workstation.
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To rectify this, the following was done: 1. Rewire entire building: CAT 6 cable was used throughout the entire building to facilitate
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Management Information Systems - Assignment 11 - Chapter 6...

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