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s10 - without any data are legal and are commonly used for...

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CMPEN/EE 362 Asst. 10 Solution Fall 2010 Problem 1. Text Problem 5-32 Solution. Fragmentation could also be needed in concatenated virtual circuit internets, since not all networks may have the same constraints on packet size. In fact, ATM has an adaptation layer for carrying a large datagram by breaking it up into 53-byte cells. This basically is fragmentation, although that term is not normally used. Problem 2. Text Problem 5-33 Solution. Yes. The datagram is enclosed in another datagram whose source and destination addresses are the ends of the tunnel. On leaving the tunnel, the enclosed datagram is taken out and looked at. Problem 3. Text Problem 6-19. Solution. The minimum size IP header is 20 bytes, and the minimum size TCP header is 20 bytes, giving a total of minimum datagram size of 40 bytes. It states on page 536, “Segments
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Unformatted text preview: without any data are legal and are commonly used for acknowledgments and control messages” However the author defines the MTU on page 535 not as the minimum TCP datagram size, but as the maximum transfer unit for a segment, and on page 539 mentions a default maximum of a 536 byte payload. This must be the minimum maximum, so the total allowed datagram size, including IP and TCP minimum headers, would not be less than 536+40 = 576 bytes .. Problem 4. Text Problem 6-24 Solution. The ACK bit is to tell that the 32-bit field is used. If not, the transport receiver does not need to look at the 32-bit Acknowledgment field. It also is used in connection establishment....
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