X1s - Compen/EE 362 Exam 1Solution Fall 2010 Problem 1. [40...

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Compen/EE 362 Exam 1Solution Fall 2010 Problem 1. [40 crs . , 4 each] For each of the following statements choose the one best answer. 1. The Internet Protocol uses a) virtual circuits. b) fixed length packets. c) analog to digital conversion d) datagram switching. 2. Which of the following is not one of the advantages of switching? a) It ensures any sending is received by all others. b) it can increase total shared capacity. c) It allows alternate routes in case of a link failure. d) a wide area network would not be practical without it. 3.If the bandwidth is doubled with no change in the transmitted average power, the ratio of received signal power to receiver thermal noise power a) remains the same b) increases by 3 dB. c) decreases by 3 dB. d) decreases by 6 dB. 4.In the OSI layered architecture, when a packet reaches an intermediate node, the highest layer looked at at that node is a) The transport layer. b). The network layer. c). The link layer. d) The physical layer
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frames outstanding is a) The maximum window size is 2 , where b is the b-1 number of sequence number bits. b) A gap of one missing frame is allowed. c) No gaps are allowed in frame acceptance. d) If a frame is reported missing you must go back and repeat it, but you don’t have to repeat any frames you sent later. 6. If a frame contains N check bits and K bits of data and overhead, the chance that a random error pattern will pass for no errors detected is about a) 2 b) 2 c) K/(N+K) d) K*2 -N -K -N 7. Including a received sequence number in a data link frame a) is needed to number that frame. b) is not allowed.
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X1s - Compen/EE 362 Exam 1Solution Fall 2010 Problem 1. [40...

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