History Notes - 11 Define and explain the significance of...

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1 1. Define and explain the significance of the following: Baby Boom $ population increase after the war $ good economy $ young couples got married and had a family $ 1945-1965 huge increase in the number of babies $ average family had 3-4 children $ sheer size of their age group affected the Canadian society Immigration $ 1.5 million people came to Canada between 1945-1957 $ 20% from Britain $ many immigrants lived in refuge camps in Europe $ immigrated to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver $ immigrants resented being the new visible minorities Suburbia $ more than 1.1 million new housing units were built to accommodate for the baby boomers $ 1950's became the first decade of urban sprawl $ made possible by automobiles and paved roads Youth Generations $ 2 million baby boomers $ some became known as hippies or revolutionaries $ they rejected police, government, big business Counterculture $ represents the new cultural standards among youth that ran counter to values of parent’s generation American Culture $ American radio, television, movies, books, magazines poured into Canada $ reducing funding for CBC and NFB (National Film Board) $ worried about Canadian culture Massey Commission $ to investigate the Canadian development of the arts $ increased government support for CBC and NFB $ establishment of a federal agency to provide funds and support for the arts in Canada
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2. Post War Canadian Politics Define Trudeaumania An enormous popular support for charismatic Pierre Trudeau in late 1960s PM Party Year in Office Significant Events Louis St. Laurant Liberal 1948-1958 Built a $80 million pipeline that was from and 80% American owned company. John Diefenbaker
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History Notes - 11 Define and explain the significance of...

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