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“BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL MANAGER” Making the transition from managing yourself to managing others The Jack Grossman & Robert Parkinson perspective These two authors write from the perspective of someone who has just been promoted to a manager’s position. They focus on what is different when a person makes that transition. They discuss some 16 key areas of focus. Some of these appear rather obvious but this extract may be useful to stimulate some thoughts. 1. Define your role You want to lead a successful department by stimulating your staff of diverse individuals to become an effective team. You will be their teacher! Create a mission statement for the department and consistently lead by example. Be sensitive to people, listen to and respect them, and let them flourish. 2. Adopt positive and productive attitudes Positive attitudes lead to productive actions. Be sincere, compliment them on achievements, and encourage positive attitudes among them. For every symptom there is a cause, don’t treat symptoms, determine the causes. Poor performance is a problem- solving challenge rather than an obstacle. 3. Get to know every person in your department Not only their names. Knowledge is power. To increase your knowledge, welcome employees’ opinions, criticism and questions. This is a mutually rewarding process and relationship. Ask “get to know you questions” and “share a table for two” i.e. informal interaction. 4. What you and your employees have in common Your employees will have an expectation that you will treat them as fellow human beings i.e. the way you like to be treated. “People who give to others also give to themselves.” Clarify expectations of what they expect of you as manager by communicating.
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