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Managing people - Assignment 1 - BATuan

Managing people - Assignment 1 - BATuan - RMIT University...

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RMIT University Graduate School of Business Master of Business Administration BUSM 3250: Managing People Relationship Performance Assignment 1 MANAGING DIVERSITY FOR BETTER BUSINESS RESULTS Course lecturer: Elizabeth Erasmus Student name: Tuan Anh Bui Student number: 314 7096 Campus: RMIT Hanoi Hanoi, 30 November 2006 Page 1 of 9
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Managing People, Relationship and Performance Managing Diversity for Better Business Results _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Due Date : End of Week 5  Weighting : 20%  Length : 2,500 words  Format : (Individual) Report  Topic : Understanding Others  Using the literature and content canvassed in the first few weeks of  semester, students are to provide an overview of the challenges that  managers face when dealing with individual differences and diversity in the  business content.  Students are then to examine an organisation with which they are familiar  and identify the approaches used to manage diversity and individual  differences. Students are expected to critique of these strategies using the  literature and make a series of appropriate recommendations.  Introduction Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks faced by the manager level across all organizations nowaday is to “recruit and retain the best people”. The people factor, especially the talented ones, in contributing the organization success has become so vital that the organization sometimes have to enter into the so-called “talent war” to find the best people for its businesses. Imagine that when you come across a sign in one office in India that read “trepassers will be recruited” 1 . However, the recruitment task is only just a starting point. It is very costly to recruit a person for the job and two or three months later, have to engage into the recruitment process all over to find a replacement due to the resignation of the other (due to various reasons such as expectation gaps). Thus, management would have to strive to retain, or for the purpose of this paper, to manage its people. However, most of the time, managers would find the tasks of managing its people more challenging and time consuming. Managing people, by any means, is never a simple task since all humans are different. Such differences might arise as a result of the different perception, attitude, value and personality of the staff, or the difficult culures/ backgrounds that the staff come from, or simply a generational difference. For the purpose of this paper, the author will (i) provide an overview of the challenges that managers face when dealing with individual differences and diversity in a business context, (ii) analyse real life scenario to identify the strategies an organization applies in dealing with such challenges in practice and (iii) express his comment/recommendations on how such strategies could be further improved.
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Managing people - Assignment 1 - BATuan - RMIT University...

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