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port logistic - Question 1 Discuss the impacts of...

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Question 1 Discuss the impacts of globalization and increasing ship size on port development. Use examples to support your arguments. Answers: Over the past two decades, the container shipping markets become globalize. Globalization had resulted in the expansion of market national wide. Because of the cheap labor in the developing countries, large amount of goods and produced were produced in developing counties with cheap labor coast and exported to developed countries with cheaper prices. The trade structure has changed from domestically into worldwide . These trade between multinationals today account for two-thirds of global exports of goods and services and nearly 10% of domestic sales worldwide. Because of the large amount export, maritime trade and traffic became very busy and .the use of container shipping also becomes much popular. The marine transpiration system has been approved. High capacity ship was built. The increased ship size has special requirements for the port. (18, 19)The impact of globalization and increasing ship size on port development includes the following aspects. 1) There are big competitions between ports. Every port would like to get calls from ships in order to get business. However, because of the increased size of the ships, big ships only call the large ports during the main route to effective use the capacity of the ship and reduce the time waste on port transit. Small ports are not called to reduce the waste time on port transit. For example, the Europe-Far East route only includes a call at Colombo or Aden route where the port is large and better enough providing efficient large-ship service. (16) 2) Big ships have big demand for the port facilities such as telecommunication, channel depths and terminals conditions. Ports and terminals needs to acquire cranes in order to meet the demand of big vessel. Because of this, port needs to update the facilities and improve terminals. New investments are needed for the port improvement. (20) For example, Asia is the main places for producing and exporting the goods and products. Hong Kong, China and Taiwan Province of China will require over 160 new berths by 2011. South-East Asia’s requirements are around 120 berths, while North Asia (excluding China) and South Asia will require around 90 and 40 berths, respectively(16). The estimated $27 billion investment requirement include only the cost of developing the terminals. Question 2 Discuss the statement below. The mission and role of a port authority has been changed as a result of the private sector’s increasing involvement in port operation and management.
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Your answer should include key current trends and initiatives that are currently being witnessed in port management and operations in different parts of the world. Use real examples to support your arguments.
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