blaw_review - 2 reasons cant be fired Implied contract...

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Federal exclusive jurisdiction- bankruptcy, copyrights, patents, government is party Diversity of state residents, over 75000 Sue in homestate unless minimum contact. Summary judgement- beforehand Summary nov- judge overturns jury Ch 11. You are liable to 50 dollars if lost If it is a debit card, u get all of it If you car breaks down after you get it fixed, you can make a stop payment for quality of service. liens- a collateral garnishment- money is taken out of paycheck to pay for debt. Passive income- income received on assets previously owned. 6 months after bankruptcy, you can’t receive any gifts. Can not do fraudulent transfers, selling land below value. Cannot do preferences Straight liquidation, not sell your house for money if ur married or if u have a child. Child Support Debt never goes away, Government Taxes never go away, School Loans never go away At will employment – fired at will or quit for any reason.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 reasons cant be fired- Implied contract theory (in handbook if fired if… then thats only time to get fired), public policy theory (good for the public) cannot get fired for giving truthful testimony. Cannot get fired for telling public government is lieing. Subrogation- can sue the third party Unemployment tax- paid by employer for unemployed people Cobra- extends health insurance for 18 months Drug tests legal for private companies Ch 13. Employment Discrimination Race, color, national origin, religion, gender Quidproquo- this for that in Latin If employer doesn’t know bout sexual harassment then they cant get sued If you are over 40, you can’t discriminate over 40 B.F.O.Q- Bonafide occupational qualification Affirmative action comes from executive order. Not protected- obesity, kleptomaniac, nymphomaniac, homosexual, Ch. 14 Rules of Ethics 1. Obey they law 2. Tell the truth 3....
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blaw_review - 2 reasons cant be fired Implied contract...

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