Bio May 16th notes - 200years Competition Bothse species...

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Bio May 16 th notes Chqap 31 Coe evolution Species richness and diversity if an eco system has this the chances are much better for it to survive and flourish Natural selection Mother nature has opffsring more than the resources, so to create a competiotion so those that have adeaption poroperties to help them get the resources Diversity how many doffernt kinds and diverse Biome habitat rich areas rain forest Ecological succession Lichen fungi and protest that live together Primar sccession lichen eats rocks to climax community 1000 years for rock to big trees Secondary after dirt is already there
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Unformatted text preview: 200years Competition - - Bothse species decreas-Predation + - Abundaance ofpredator increases and abundance of preay decreases-Parasitism + - parasite increases host decreases-Commensalism + 0 one species inceases the other not affected-Mutualism + + both species increase Resource partitioning Competitive exclusion principle demonstrated by paramecium Exotic species Poly culture multi plants Mono culture single crop RACHEL CARSON- wrote Silent spring Women in the 50s earned a bach and a masters worked for the government DDT pesticide, that sterileizs the male...
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Bio May 16th notes - 200years Competition Bothse species...

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