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Christian Ricks Bio field trip For my field trip I sat outside the Provo temple on the grounds. It was extremely pleasant to just sit there and listen to the wind and hear the rustle of leaves. I could see the grass being blown by the wind. There were birds that were interesting to watch, they were hopping around on the grass pecking for things. I suppose looking for bugs sometimes looking like they were eating, and some would fly away with grass and small objects in their beaks for their nests. I actually had some bugs like a potato bug and some ants crawl on me. I did freak me out when I felt and ant crawl in my ear. Turned out to be an ant. I would say that sitting there was enjoyable and relaxing to enjoy the peace and quiet.
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Unformatted text preview: To have the clouds float by. It is nice to be somewhere that it is green the grass is green heck there is even grass here. And the tress are tall and green, I moved up from Arizona and everything is brown and dead. I know that Utah is still a dessert and that causes issues with the use of water. But I do appreciate the weather here. It is 20 degrees cooler on any given day here than it is in phoenix Thank you for having us sit and do this assignment I find that with everything we do as people we are always in a rush and dont generally take time to enjoy nature and relax this was a good experience....
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