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Music Concert report Who: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Where: Temple square When : Aug 9 th What did I like? I love music. I love music in all forms and listen to every type. I can find good qualities in all forms, for this it is a 2 edge sword I do like the sound of so many voices if creates such a feeling of strength. Like a large slow wave that is growing as it approaches the shore similar to a tidal wave. I also like the variations such as the polyphonic and homophonic voice tones that can be carried on at the same time. It is easy to lose myself in the ways that the variations between the mens voices and women’s
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Unformatted text preview: voices carry the different tunes. What I didn’t Sometimes having so many voices I feel can distract from the simple nature and meanings of songs. Now this is not always true but I feel I can be more influenced and become more emotionally attached when I feel closer to the performer, when there are so many voices I feel I disassociate myself with them. Other comments I wish I could sing well enough to sing as they do it is a marvelous skill and talent I have not been able to develop for myself....
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