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Concert report 2 - I imagine I am part of the music I love...

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Music Concert report 2 Who: Organ Recital Where: Temple square When : Aug 9 th What did I like? I enjoyed being able to participate and witness a marvelous talent. I have played the piano many years ago but have not since I had an accident in which I cut my left index finger off, it is still attached but I don’t have feeling in it and I have not played music since. It is hard because I have a hard time feeling the keys. I miss being able to play, so what does this have to do with this I really enjoy the talent it takes to play an instrument and then to even be able to play a complex instrument as the organ. I could listen to people playing forever, music moves me. I love closing my eyes and just listening to the music and let myself experience the rhythm and let my imagination take me with the feeling.
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Unformatted text preview: I imagine I am part of the music. I love music how it can portray a mood and emotion so well I feel it helps define me. What I didn’t Mostly the people around me that are not being respectful for the music. I just cant stand people show indifference and disrespect if you are going to talk and joke then go somewhere else. There is a time and place but not one force you to come in here have respect for others who are trying to enjoy the experience it is so short that it just blows me away the attitude of people sometimes. I apologize for the rant but that is really the only thing that I didn’t like. And that I feel it was to short but I always feel performances go by too quickly. Other comments It would be a great skill to possess to play as elegantly as those who played....
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