Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms

Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms - Franz Liszt and Johannes...

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Unformatted text preview: Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms. (First Encounters). Author(s):Nancy Caldwell Sorel. Source: The Atlantic 273.n5 (May 1994): pp109(1). (343 words) Document Type:Magazine/Journal Bookmark: Bookmark this Document Library Links: • Abstract: Composers Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms first met in Weimar, Germany, in 1853. The younger Brahms was intimidated by Liszt and was pleased when Liszt sight read one of his compositions. Full Text : COPYRIGHT 1994 The Atlantic Monthly Magazine JOHANNES Brahms was just twenty in June of 1853, when he arrived in Weimar. He came with a letter of introduction to Franz Liszt--Grand Ducal Director of Music Extraordinary--from their mutual friend the violinist Joseph Joachim, and was invited to a "musical session" the following morning at the Altenburg. Brought up in poverty, and having played for hire in the waterfront dives and bordellos of Hamburg, Brahms had probably never entered so sumptuous an establishment as the Altenburg, where Liszt lived with his current mistress, the Princess Carolyne von...
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