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Standardized Morals 1 Running head: STANDARDIZED MORALS Standardized Morals UVU Ethics and Values PHIL 2050 John Crawford
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Standardized Morals Some people argue that the best way to understand Divine Command Theorists is to describe them as Normative Moral Relativists. Even though Divine Command Theorists lean towards being classified as Normative Moral Relativists, because they want to improve others situations to match their beliefs. Divine Command Theorists are not Normative Moral Relativists because crossing culture boundaries with divine right to rule crosses a line and goes against the boundary. Divine Command Theorists (DCT), approach life in a way that everyone should believe as they do, that their way is the best and most correct of anyway out there and should be imposed even against others will. Even when the second party resists the DCT view, the DCT continue to push for they know best and that everyone should live according to a higher law, which their god has commanded them to live by. To be true to the Normative Moral Relativists (NMR) way of
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Standardized Morals - Standardized Morals Running head...

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