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Womens roles - religions views and we have many examples...

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Women’s roles 1 Running head: WOMENS ROLES Women’s Roles WIU Ethics
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Women’s Roles The demand to give up virtually everything to rear children is not an unreasonable demand. To automatically assume it is the women’s role would be an unreasonable demand. Again for the demands purpose of rearing children and giving up many if not all things is a great demand but either parent could be the one to choose to rear the kids for the majority of time. The choice should be between the couple. A father should be able to be part of that decision making process and not to just assume that it will be his spouses job. The problem lies with the cultural standards we have grown up in and partake in. For societies role by placing the belief and stigma that it is the women who is suppose to do rear the children is wrong. Now in some religions this is what is taught wherein lays a different yet similar problem. There May be two reasons for this, one that man has created the
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Unformatted text preview: religions views and we have many examples that in things are done to regulate women and to oppress them. To say that man knows the right thing women is an arrogant way to think and unrighteous. The second is the women agree to go along with this decision for any reason, whatever that reason may be they have chosen to go with the religion. So if a woman chooses to obey the religion and to stay home then it would be a choice of hers knowing the demands that are placed on her, but even knowing these demands it would still be an unreasonable demand placed on people. Even though the demand is there regardless of the belief system or the society we live in, we can choose to follow it by defaulting to the women staying home or the man. But why does it have to be one or the other person giving up everything why not figuring a way that both people have an equal share in the rearing of children and earning money....
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