How Electricity Works

How Electricity Works - What Electricity Is 1 THE WONDERFUL...

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Figure A- Retrieved from, on September 27, 2010. What Electricity Is 1 THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ELECTRICITY What Electricity Is Abbigail Hjerpe DeVry University Integrated Science Professor Phillip Thatcher
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What Electricity Is 2 THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ELECTRICITY Electricity is everywhere, it is in our bodies, it is in our appliances, and it is outside. Electricity has been around since the beginning of time (Parker, S., 2005). Electricity that is in our bodies keeps our bodies alive and able to do things. Electricity is used for heat, telephones, and many more things in the home. Electricity is outside not only from lightning, but also by wires and generators that keep our houses powered (Hjerpe, D. L. 2010, September 27). Electricity is everything to our bodies. All things have been made from atoms; well atoms are made from protons, neutrons, and electrons (Layton J. 2010). A proton is large, it has a positive charge, and it is on the inside of an atom. A neutron is large, it has no charge, and it is also on the inside of an atom. Electrons are on the outside of atoms, they are very small, and they are negatively charged (, 2009). On page four in the graphics figure A-1 is an example. When protons, neutrons, and electrons are not balanced an atom is either positive or negative (Layton J. 2010). The change in charge begins a flow from one atom to another which results in electricity (Layton J. 2010). The nervous system sends many different signals to the brain telling it to tell send a message to step on the break so we don’t crash into the car in front of us. This is electricity; it tells our body’s to make every motion that is made, weather it is a heartbeat or for our lungs to fill with air. Without it we would die. Electricity is radiant energy which is a form of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy from motion it is motion from waves, molecules, objects, and substances (U.S. Energy Information Administration). Radiant energy is energy that travels in transverse waves; it also
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How Electricity Works - What Electricity Is 1 THE WONDERFUL...

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