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CCC Part 7 Interpersonal Communication
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Interpersonal Communication CCC 1 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION WEEK 7 PLANNED AND UNPLANNED EVENTS Abbigail Hjerpe Interpersonal Communication CCC DeVry University Online Interpersonal Communication Professor Gordon McLean February 20, 2011
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Interpersonal Communication CCC 2 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION WEEK 7 PLANNED AND UNPLANNED EVENTS 7A: Planning Planned February 8, 2011 Today my husband finally snapped about the car accident. I was waiting for this to happen, he has been too calm and I wrecked and might have totaled my car. This happened last Saturday and he has been to calm and I thought eventually something would happen to set him off. Finally I guess it did he got upset about something I did and started using his mouth to say words that I knew he didn’t mean. He was upset and while he sat across from me and downgraded me I listened to him. Not saying a word not changing my body or facial expressions. I just sat in my seat and finally when he was done I stood up and turned my back on him and walked away. I knew this would upset him but I felt like trash after the things he said to me tonight. This really made him mad and I don’t blame him but I don’t think he could blame me for not wanting to talk to him after hearing what he was saying. Unplanned: February 12, 2011: I was in a car accident a week ago today and I had three other people in the car with me. There was myself, my son, a friend of my husbands, and his son. His son is 9 years old, and he was in the car with a seatbelt on and he was not injured. The mother of his son came to my house today and she was ready to beat me up. She was very upset that I didn’t call her and she was ready to fight. I honestly was scared I am not a fighting person. I asked her to come into
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Interpersonal Communication CCC 3 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION WEEK 7 PLANNED AND UNPLANNED EVENTS my house luckily my son and husband were at another friends house.
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