Final Project-Race and Your Community

Final Project-Race and Your Community - Final Project Race...

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Final Project- Race and Your Community June 18, 2011 ETH/125
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In my community most of the people are mainly African American or Caucasian. I live in an all African American neighborhood, and I work at a predominately African American correctional facility that houses 800 plus inmates of which over 600 of those are African American. Within the neighborhood and workplace the women outnumber the men. The school in the community has a mixture of African Americans and Caucasian schools, which is totally different from the community and school I grew up in. I grew up in a small town in Mississippi where everybody was mostly segregated. The African Americans attended the public schools, and the Caucasians attended the private schools with only about ten African Americans attending. After I graduated I moved to Louisiana which is only about forty-five minutes from my childhood community, and it is totally different from where I grew up. In Louisiana the people are friendlier and don't seem to be prejudice at all. However, in Mississippi the Caucasians would always look at us differently with an exception of a few. In the local grocery stores and drug stores they always put our money down on the counters so that they wouldn't have to touch our hands I'm assuming; at least that's what I've always thought it could be. In Louisiana the leaders are very nice to the people in the community. For instance when the Mississippi River was rising, and we were under flood warning the mayor himself came out and talked to members of the community. They held several meetings to keep the community members informed on what was happening with the river. In Mississippi the only time we say leaders of the community was during election time. In my seven years of living in Louisiana I hadn't saw anyone get treated differently for any reasons. Other members of the community all treat each other the same they all speak, and some even hold small talk with us in the stores. Every one is treated equally. I hadn't really seen
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Final Project-Race and Your Community - Final Project Race...

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