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Final Project-Student Survival Guide

Final Project-Student Survival Guide - Using Axias...

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Using Axia’s educational resources help me tremendously in both of my classes. The University Library tutorial was very helpful to me because, I hadn’t ever used an online library before at any of my online universities. The University Library is very user friendly, and offers many different search engines such as Ebscohost and Gale Power Search. I like to use Ebscohost the most, because I like its setup. These search engines have so many different articles and books
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which all contain the information that you are searching for. They also give you a brief summary of the article before you even open it up, that lists the copyright information, author or authors, and the section and volume of the book, newspaper, or catalog. I plan to use the University library throughout my Axia education. Upholding Academic Honesty also laid everything out on the table for me and other students. The academic honesty lesson plays a major role in all schools. Plagiarism has been stressed in all my classes. I learned that you must give an author credit for their work. Plagiarism is a form of stealing, because you are taking something that does not belong to you. It doesn’t matter if you are putting it into your words or not. It is still considered stealing. You have to cite an author or writers work in the text as well as create a reference page at the end of your paper. There are great consequences that follow plagiarism such as academic probation, suspension, and
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Final Project-Student Survival Guide - Using Axias...

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