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Shannon Holmquist 30 Mar 11 5:52 PM MST The focus of the two accounting systems financial and management accounting differ because financial focuses more in the reporting to external users and management focuses on the internal users.In financial accounting you have more historical, quantitative, monetary and verifiable information compared to management who has more of an interest in current goals and expectations.With financial accounting information it has to be verifiable where management is flexible and situational. Hi Shannon, Someone who is detail-oriented, enjoy solving problems and is a good communicator might
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Unformatted text preview: want to become a managerial accountant. Being a good communicator is vital because as you have stated they are relaying information internally to the management of the company. Failure of communication could lead to bad decisions. As a general rule, all accountants must be good with numbers and have advanced computer and analytical skills. Dedication to continuing education also is very important, because accounting rules are subject to change. Membership in the professional accounting association usually is required, along with a specific number of continuing education courses each year. Jack...
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