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Benefit Types Gail Jones Evaluating the benefits types for the Housing and Urban Development I would have to say that their service do help single mothers and low income families with rental assistance in nice neighborhoods and are safe environment for themselves and his or her children. The fact that the rental assistance paid by Housing and Urban development program goes directly to the landlord and the tenant is only responsible for a small percentage if any of the rent.
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Unformatted text preview: For example if the rent is actually 900.00 per month and the tenant only have to pay 300.00 of the 900.00 it is pretty much guaranteed that the tenant would pay the 300.00 per month. The reason that I say that he or she would, without any doubt would pay the 300.00 per month is because if he or she had to pay full rent somewhere else they would have to pay 900.00 or more....
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