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Private Funds Public Policy Development in Human Services Gail Jones The agency I chose to discuss is a privately funded agency called LINK. The social problems the agency face are homelessness, evictions, foreclosures, and turn off notices on electric bill. The agency provides financial assistance for utilities, bus tokens, Greyhound tickets and vehicle repairs in special needs cases. The agency provides perishable and non perishable food or baby food for families in need. LINK assists families with replacing household items that were lost due to fire, hurricanes or tornados. Some of the programs LINK has are Link emergency service Center, Reaching out to veterans program which is a program that caters to veterans in a hospice
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Unformatted text preview: situation the agency will grant last wishes. LINK has a service called PORT which provides shelter for over 600 men and women a year. PORT provides shelter, breakfast and dinner for individuals for 20 weeks between November and March for the homeless. LINK can also assist with professional attire to help people get back on his or her feet. The agency obtains it funding from corporations, local business and private donations. In order for LINK to continue receiving funding the agency must continue to provide services for people in need to decrease the poverty and homelessness for the greater Hampton Roads area....
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