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Skill Assessment Gail Jones I think employers and fellow team members might use the assessment as a guide to increase productivity and performance. I do not think the test is a reliable source nor do I think the test is valid. The reason I do not think the test is reliable or valid id because a person is not able to predict the outcome of his or her future. The test is asking questions about how he or she will feel about things that might happen in the future. The potential benefits would be he or she striving to be the best because the test illustrate that he or she will be a high achiever.
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Unformatted text preview: The drawbacks would be if the test indicates he or she will most likely not succeed, the person may develop low self esteem and will not attempt to try his or her best. Another drawback would be if the test shows him or her to be a high achiever and if he or she do not meet the expectations he or she may develop some sort of annexity issues. People tend to live his or her life based on some type of test he or she may have taken, reading the zodiac sign or family traits and history....
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