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Social Policy and Social Programs (Autosaved)

Social Policy and Social Programs (Autosaved) - the problem...

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Social Policy and Social Programs Gail Jones The legislative branch main job is to create laws. They use various departments and court cases to gather information in order to determine what the effects the bills will have on the public and if it is a realistic solution to the problem. The judicial branch shapes public policy through court cases. The judiciary serves as a boundary for policy makers and they must observe. The judiciary decides what policy is legal and what policy are illegal and can require the legislate branch to fix
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Unformatted text preview: the problem or can impose the legislature shape policy by passing laws and approving budgets. These laws influence Housing and Urban Development decision making and its daily operations because they are bound by the laws created by the legislative branch. Housing and Urban Development can’t deny a person from public housing base of race, religion, creed or national origin....
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