Case Study 1 psy210 - How is stress affecting Jennifer’s...

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Case Study 1 Introduction to Psychology: Why we do what we do Gail Jones Michelle Patno What are the causes of stress in Jennifer’s life? The causes, of stress in Jennifer life is the in-laws constantly asking Jennifer is she pregnant again. Jennifer is probably feeling pressure from the in-laws to give them a grandchild. Jennifer is most likely stressing because she feels if she were to become pregnant again she may lose the baby again. Losing her mother just two years ago and having to make a decision whether or not to place her father in a nursing home so he would have constant supervision. Jennifer also has a demanded job where everyone in the office depends on Jennifer for making the office ran smooth. Another big stressing factor in Jennifer life is she is always trying to please everyone. Between trying to run an efficient office and maintaining a well organize household are all factors contributing to the stress that Jennifer may be having in her life.
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Unformatted text preview: How is stress affecting Jennifer’s health? Jennifer has been experiencing headaches, backaches and indigestion. Jennifer is finding that she is making more mistakes at work. I would contribute the mistakes Jennifer is making at work is because she is not focus because the pressure from her personal life. Jennifer has not been able to maintain her housework. Jennifer has been feeling tired, sluggish and over whelmed by the entire situation that she finds herself to be in. Jennifer is started to suffer from low self esteem feeling that she is not doing an effective job at work. Jennifer is also starting to feel inadequate as a wife and daughter. Jennifer feels that she is not able to be a good wife because her and Antonio have been trying to have a baby for over one year and has not been successful. Jennifer also feels inadequate as a daughter because she is not able to care for her father. Jennifer is completing putting her father in a nursing home....
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Case Study 1 psy210 - How is stress affecting Jennifer’s...

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