Personality Theory Activity

Personality Theory Activity - to do something he or she...

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Personality Theory Activity Introduction to psychology Why we do what we do Gail Jones Michelle Patino The three personalities that I have chosen to discuss are psychodynamic, psychoanalysis and psychosocial development. The difference between the three is psychodynamic is the study of human behavior mostly focusing on how the conscious and the unconscious mind think and act. How someone may say certain things without realizing what they may have said and not meaning to say what he or she might have said. An example would be a person going through a bad divorce but planning to go to another family member or friend wedding. They may say something like I have a funeral to go to meaning to say wedding his or her unconscious mind sees a getting married as a death sentence or dying. Psychoanalysis is the study of the human psychological function and behavior. Investigated how the mind works and the way a person think the way they do. Why a person mind tells him or her
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Unformatted text preview: to do something he or she knows deep down is not the right thing to do. . Psychoanalysis also focuses on the unconscious mind through a series of talk therapy to determine why or what may be causing a person to act a certain way Psychosocial is how a person is developing socially how well he or she is adapting to his or her surroundings. An example would be if he or she are surrounded by drugs and sex would he or she become a drug user or prostitute themselves. The similarity of the three is each personality is the study of the mind. Ultimate the mind controls everything a person say or do. A person who grows up in a bad situation may turn out to be a successful person. A person who has grew up in nice family and have a good home life can turned out not to do nice things in life. The environment does not define how a person may turn out it’s the person themselves makes that determination on how their lives will turn out....
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Personality Theory Activity - to do something he or she...

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