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Psychology and Health Problems (Autosaved)

Psychology and Health Problems (Autosaved) - Psychology and...

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Psychology and Health Problems Introduction to Psychology Why We Do What We Do Gail Jones Michelle Patno
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I found the reading on psychological factors and health to be very interested especially the section on headaches and the different types of menstrual problems and the reason to be very informative and helpful in my own personal life since I myself suffer from migraines and severe menstruation cramps to the point where I myself have to take time off from work due to the severity of my condition. This is the reason why I chose the two topics that I will be discussing in my essay. In my essay I will be talking about headaches the two different types of headaches which are muscle tension headaches and migraines. I will also discuss the problems associated with menstrual cycles and ways to relieve the discomfort a person my experience with both topics and why the person may be experiencing the discomfort. The Multi-factorial: The Multi-factorial is the belief that health and illness comes from a combination of factors such as the biological makeup, a person psychological makeup, a person culture or economic living and his or her interactions with others. Physicians have determined that family history and economic conditions plays a role in a person mental and physical health. The multi-factorial uses genetics and lifestyles to determine if an illness is psychological or not. The study can also determine if a person is more likely to have some type of psychological disorder. The multi-
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