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Imagine Greater Tucson Case Study I.Introduction A.History of Imagine Greater Tucson 1. Discussion of the history of Imagine Greater Tucson a. Speak about how IGT is a community based organization and when it started 2. Explanation of the goals of IGT a. IGT tries to plan for Tucson’s future based on the analyzed trends 3. Analysis of the activities of IGT a. Regional surveys and workshops 4. Discussion about the funding of IGT a. Donations and volunteers II.Regional planning process A. Regional Values Survey (Think) - completed 1. Who did the survey? What were the results? a. Community citizens participate in workshops and surveys B. Regional Visioning Sessions (Plan) - just completed 1. What was the outcome of the regional visioning sessions? a. The outcome of the visioning session was a variety of ideas regarding transportation, natural surroundings, revitalization, and other future plans. C.
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