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University of Phoenix Material Case Study Analysis Peer Review Form Writer’s Name Jason Hinson Reviewer’s Name Luis Garcia Reviewer question: What is the author’s thesis? From the information found in the introduction, the thesis statement provided by the author is, “Carl has the mindset and go to attitude required to be efficient and successful in any business situation yet, he is human and prone to tunnel vision under stressful situations.” This statement allows the reader to infer a few key points about the writing. First, because it is not overly specific, the author is only hinting about the problems and tasks that are to be discussed. This technique requires the reader to stay on task and critically read the writing to look for the specific material. Reviewer question: Is the thesis clearly stated? If not, how would you help the writer restate it? The thesis is well written and contains enough information to be effective. It would have been appropriate to include some additional details such as the specific tasks to be analyzed and what the exact recommendations will be. This is not required and it simply up to the style of the author regarding how they wish to present the information. Generally, it is effective as
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This note was uploaded on 07/16/2011 for the course COM 215 taught by Professor Miller during the Spring '10 term at Pima CC.

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jason comm215r10CaseStudyAnalysisPeerReviewForm[1] -...

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