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outline - reinforce lessons from the classroom II...

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I. Description of institutional forces/dynamics A. School management (principal, school board, school district) 1. When implementing new communication techniques, approval must be granted by the decision makers at the school. 2. Politics may come into play as roadblocks may be present in various forms. B. Teachers 1. New techniques must be adopted and enforced by the teachers so all must put forth the effort to bring about change. 2. If all teachers do not support and promote the communication change, continuity lacks and the probability of failure is high. C. Parents 1. Parents are critical in bringing about communication change since they represent a bridge between teachers and students. 2. Active communication by parents can help in overall student performance and can help
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Unformatted text preview: reinforce lessons from the classroom. II. Challenges of using social networks - shortcomings etc. A. Accessibility 1. While social networks are useful in spreading a message and promoting an idea, it allows users unrestricted access in which inappropriate messages can be stated and shared with all members. 2. Though the internet is prevalent, social networks still require users to sign up and check their accounts often to remain up to date on the current information. B. Usage 1. When promoting a communication change, it can be difficult to gain a following to support a cause. 2. With the nature of how social media works, users must attract other users to gain interest in a particular message. If users do not interact, the message does not gain support....
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