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aa hist. - History 16 notes: 03/28/11 for whole semester...

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Unformatted text preview: History 16 notes: 03/28/11 for whole semester Martin r. delany- (18121885), political activist, early Afrocentric ideologue , explorer, lecturer, newspaper editor and correspondent, U.S. Army major, and author of several tracts and a novel. Martin Robison Delany's haphazard education began clandestinely before his family's escape from slave-state Virginia in 1822. By 1832, in Pittsburgh , Delany, always proudly black and Africa-respecting, had joined the local African Education, Antislavery, Temperance, Philanthropic, Moral Reform, and Young Men's Bible societies. Further, he cofounded the Theban Literary Societynamed after the Egyptian city. Christian nations being- This nation was founded on the Principles of the Bible: Did you know that of the 56 signers of The Declaration of Independence 52 were active members of their church, and over 50% had what would be considered today Bible Seminary degrees? " It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible". - George Washington " The Bible is the cornerstone of liberty". -- Thomas Jefferson" "That Book (the Bible), sir, is the Rock on which our Republic rests". - Andrew Jackson "It is God who gave us life and liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are a gift from God?" - Thomas Jefferson 1900 niggerboys- The rhyme 'Ten Little Nigger Boys' was adapted in the late 1800s from '10 Little Injuns', written by Septimus Winner in 1868. It was a standard of the blackface minstrel shows and became widely known in Europe. It was used by Agatha Christie in her novel 'Ten Little Niggers' (1939) which was later re-titled 'And Then There Were None'. The version of the rhyme used in Christie's book does not end as happily as the version used on these lantern slides. 'Ten Little Niggers' was also used as the title for a 1940s book of children's nursery rhymes. Black inventors (not given credit )- 1) Fire extinguisher (aero-foam) - Dr. Percy L. Jullian Dr. Percy L. Julian, (1899-1975), elevated the quality of American life with many discoveries through his research in chemistry. Dr. Julian earned his Masters Degree at Harvard in 1923, and his Ph.D. at the University of jjVienna in 1931. During World War II, from a soybean protein, he developed a life saving, fire-fighting foam used by the U.S. Army and Navy. His resulting fire extinguisher was used to put out gas and oil fires. Dr. Julian also developed low cost cortisone to treat arthritis. He developed drugs to treat rheumatic fever, and glaucoma. 2) Electric lampbulb - Lewis Latimer New York City native Lewis H. Latimer, (1848-1928), invented and patented the first electric light bulb with a carbon filament (March 21, 1882)....
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aa hist. - History 16 notes: 03/28/11 for whole semester...

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