Hca 240 Blood Disorders - HCA240 Blood Disorders Amy...

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HCA240 Blood Disorders
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Amy complains of being tired all the time meaning that she is fatigued from a lack of energy. She only eats pasta, breads, and hot dogs, and drinks only artificial fruit punch. This means that she is lacking specific vitamins that are not food in her diet. She isn’t receiving the necessary vitamin B12 and folic acids that gives her body its energy. In my research of Amy's case I have concluded that she sufferers from Vitamin deficiency anemia. More specifically she lacks the vitamin B12 that her body needs. Not having the vitamin B12 means the red blood cells that carry oxygen to her body aren’t. This is causing an anemia due to the bodies lack of red bloods cells to complete the task. This is why she is weak and tired. The diet that she has has to include more meats, eggs, milk, and cheese. Her mother can help-by given her and her siblings a balanced diet that would allow them to intake the sufficient vitamins a young child needs. The mother can also teach Amy the importance of eating healthy and letting her know when she isn’t feeling well. With a proper diet and sufficient vitamins Amy can be feeling as good as new in no time. Without the proper diet and sufficient vitamin intake Amy could
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Hca 240 Blood Disorders - HCA240 Blood Disorders Amy...

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