Hcr 230 Assignment Understanding Work Related Injuries

Hcr 230 Assignment Understanding Work Related Injuries -...

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HCR230 Understanding Work-Related Injuries The Workers Compensation Commission Claims Process is a filing of claims that is either
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accepted or denied by insurance carriers or employers that are self insured for workers who experience a work related injury. The first step of the process is to file the initial claim to start the process for compensation. When a claim is accepted the medicare is then paid by either the carrier or the employer who is self insured. The worker who files the claim will receive benefits to partially replace pay that is considered lost during the workers healing phase. The carriers or the employers self insurers can deny the claim on the grounds that the injury a worker has suffered is not work related. In this event the worker can appeal the claim and dispute the denial in a hearing before the compensation committee. At the start of the claim the worker states the date of the accident or the date of disablement. Next the employer reports the injury or illness alleging the reason for the compensation. The notice of this claim is then issued to the Workers Compensation Committee. When the claim is accepted the committee authorizes payment benefits to be made by the employer. Within 30 days of the claims filing an award is issued or the claim is pt up for a hearing to be further reviewed or contested. Next the benefit phase begins for accepted claims. This involves medical treatment and compensation for pay for the work lost. These awards can be paid voluntarily or through a entitlement contest. This allows the worker to
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Hcr 230 Assignment Understanding Work Related Injuries -...

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