Hcr 220 Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Hcr 220 Steps in the Medical Billing Process - HCR 220...

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HCR 220 Medical Billing Process The duties of the medical issuance specialist is defined as the medical billing process. This process Requires that each specialist follow a 10 step system of administration that addresses all the detailed concerns in payment for procedures done. This process is composed of a front office and a back office. The front office which consist of receptions area which registers and schedules patients for procedures and the follow up and outpatient procedures. In the back office is composed of professionals that bill insurance providers and collect monies for the facilities who perform these procedures. In the back office job descriptions are delegated to the proper channels of medical insurance handling. These jobs include claims specialist, billing clerks, reimbursement clerks, and insurance specialist. In a working system of procedural protocols 10 steps are conducted in this system. The steps are further broken down into series to maximize payments for medical services, and increase the accuracy of information needed by the insurance providers for payments. In the first series which is known as the Visit series Step 1 (Preregister Patients), patients are scheduled and appointments are made for doctors to perform procedures. The available doctors that are chosen by the patients are alerted and made available for the patient to visit. This appointment is kept by both the patient and doctor or changed and reconfirmed to a date that fits both the patient and doctor. Next all information about the patient is compiled and logged into a database for the physician to review and have the necessary demographics
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and patients insurance information readily available. Both new and returning visitors have to provide
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Hcr 220 Steps in the Medical Billing Process - HCR 220...

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