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Based on the reading and table 3, the largest gap between theory and practice within the organizational system area is in shared vision. The author states that the weight of shared vision makes it appear as though the "management either had no vision, or were unable to convey the long-term aspiration of the companies' goals to its employees (Hafeez, Malak, & Abdelmeguid, 2006). I agree with the authors assumptions based on the lower ranking gaps which included communication followed by culture. I believe communication is directly related to a shared vision because if company management lacks communication, employees cannot possibly be informed of the company vision.
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Unformatted text preview: References: Hafeez, K., Malak, N., & Abdelmeguid, H. (2006). A framework for TQM to achieve business excellence. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 17 (9). Retrieved from Business Source Premier database. For TQM initiatives to be regarded as successful, a new working environment where people (employees) are able to learn, share knowledge, and make contributions must be created. This is understandable because TQM focuses on quality in all aspects of the organization, so lack of a learning environment would not create a successful TQM initiative....
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