Case Project 2-2 & 2-4 - C ase P roject: 2-2, & 2-4 Bryan...

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Bryan Pietrowicz May 23, 2011 Kaplan University CJ317: Computer Forensics Prof: Stephen Sigmon
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2 In today’s society just about everyone uses a computer for one thing or another but more commonly they are used for just about everything in our daily lives from work to ordering out for food delivery to scheduling appointments, therefore it has become a necessity to have a Computer Forensics lab or division in the Law Enforcement community to retrieve data, to see how someone got into a network, to recover lost data due to a catastrophic event. Today in doing the case study for Unit One, the officers were allowed to take possession of the daughters’ computer when it was revealed that she used the internet a lot. In the flow of the investigation or the beginnings of an investigation once permission was granted to the officers to take the computer they have procedures that have to be followed in order to ensure that they handle the evidence correctly to not harm the computer or any evidence on the computer as to what may have happened to the young girl. They have to plan their investigation to begin with, then they need to collect the evidence (computer) correctly ensuring that they do not cause any damage or harm to the computer. They then need to begin the chain of custody paperwork noting the brand, model, serial number and location of where they retrieved the computer from.
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Case Project 2-2 & 2-4 - C ase P roject: 2-2, & 2-4 Bryan...

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