2009-06-15_111357_aiwais - 13-2State of the effect cash...

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Unformatted text preview: 13-2State of the effect ( cash receipt or payment and amount) of cash of each the following transactions, considered individually on cash flows;sold a new issue of $200,000 of bonds at 99 purchased 4,000 shares of $35 per common stock on treasury stock of 470 per share sold 10,000shares of $20 par common stock for $50 per share purchased building by paying $60,000 cash and issuing a $100,000mortgage note payable retired $250,000, on which there was $2,500 of unamortized discount,for $260,000 purchased land for $320,000 cash paid dividends of $2.00 per share . there were 25,000 shares issued and 4,000 shares of treasury stock. Sold equipment with a book value of $50,000 for $72,000a.Cash receipt, $198,000b.Cash payment, $280,000c.Cash receipt, $500,000d.Cash payment, $60,000e.Cash payment, $260,000f.Cash payment, $320,000g.Cash payment, $42,000h.Cash receipt, $72,00013-3Identify the type of cash flow activity for each of the following events( operating,investing or financing)issued common stock redeemed bonds issued preferred stock purchased patents net income paid cash dividends purchased treasury stock sold long term investment sold equipment purchased building issued bondsa.financingb.financingc.financingd.investinge.operatingf.financingg.financingh.investingi.investingj.investingk.financing13-4indicate whether each of the following would be added or deducted from net income in...
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2009-06-15_111357_aiwais - 13-2State of the effect cash...

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