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p5 - function of dictance loom genes If distance Is 52am...

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Unformatted text preview: -} function of dictance loom. genes; If distance Is 52am 12L}: 11H] 1 chl -} No linkage: H. = 513% "underestimates map distance if :I-Eflcl'u'l 1'? Very tight linkage; r.f= 0% “interference more “Itch.r - W I #gametes from parental cell in which exchange occurred I 1m: = I!!! # TMIIIIJIIIHIII'. gametes 1" Hm 1 r1. x 2 - Double crossovers may.r be affected by Mums: [crossover in one region prevents crossover in dowrlstream region} I = 1-1] L I observed # double creasover Ilnrlllugeny',»r expected WWI =1'«f- [I r-f- '1 {In avg. eachshiaemamflccesmndejsfiflcld on a chromosome map ...
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