EE 240 - HOMEWORK - Assignment 4

EE 240 - HOMEWORK - Assignment 4 - Thevenin Equivalent...

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EE240-A2-2010 Assignment #4 Due October 20, 2010 Hand in detailed solutions to problems 1 and 2 for marks. Practice problems with solutions will be posted in the course website. Make sure you use the REAL UPDATED EE240-A2 Cover Sheet! 1. Maximum Power Transfer Problem: Find the resistor RL for maximum power transfer and the power absorbed in it. Use the Thevenin Equivalent Circuit approach. 2. Interesting Thevenin Circuit Problem: The problem is to find I 0 through the 3k resistor. The problem must be done by treating the 3k resistor as a load and finding the
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Unformatted text preview: Thevenin Equivalent Circuit of everything else where A & B are the open circuit points of it. ● Use a source transformation on the 18V source and 6k resistor to reduce the problem to a mesh problem with only current sources. ● Use a Wye-Delta transformation on the three 6k resistors. (Draw new circuit diagrams at each step.) ● Calculate the open circuit voltage across A-B and the Thevenin resistance with the current sources removed by any method you like . ● Calculate I with the load attached to A-B. A B Load resistor...
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