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Instructions Page 1 Serial Line Simulation: Instructions Simulation of a Serial Production Line Written in Visual Basic for MicroSoft Excel Johnson Graduate School of Management Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853 This is a very simple factory simulator, intended for teaching purposes. You are welcome to use it in any manner, and change it as you see fit. This model comes without any guarantee whatsoever, and is distributed free of charge. It is based on ideas first developed at Cornell in the factory simulation program known as XCELL+, written by Richard Conway, William L. Maxwell and Steven L. Worona, with minor help from me. XCELL+ was the first simulation package with a graphical user interface, and appeared in the early 1980s when even the PC was a new idea. the output for one machine is the input for the next. For example, the first machine deposits its output in a storage area, where it becomes the input supply for the second machine. This is called "serial layout", although the factory itself may not be in a straight line. The first machine has unlimited input (not shown). under any convenient name. Use any of Microsoft Excel's methods to tabulate or display the results. You can use "Insert" menu to make a new worksheet. Don't try to create a new model on a different worksheet. Only one model per Workbook. What to do before running a simulation. How to construct or change a model. CONTROLLING THE SIMULATION: The Run Worksheet. (often used to allow the system to move away from its initial state). Use it if the simulation runs too fast to see what is happening. simulates using the run length and the number of repetitions you have specified. LineSim, version 2.0, Dec. 3, 1996 by John O. McClain, [email protected] with the help of Lawrence W. Robinson, [email protected] SERIAL LINE: The model, on worksheet Design , is for a Serial Line . That is, SAVING YOUR MODEL: use the "Save As" command and store the entire workbook SIMULATION RESULTS are stored on worksheets Inventory, Machines, and Graphs .
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LineSim - Instructions Serial Line Simulation: Instructions...

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