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Ashlee Sisson February 24, 2011 Quiz 3 Assignment A) Define the five geographic themes in your own words (e.g., the earth is a place where we live, direction and location, relationships within places, spatial interaction and regions) 1. We live on Earth- What are the characteristics of Earth? It is covered with both land and water and it is made up of a HUGE solar system. Physical and human characteristics of the Earth. What makes Earth special? 2. Where do we go? Location and Direction- The teaching of location and where we orient ourselves. Using maps in order to build skills and locating people, objects, or places. Learning concepts of direction. How do we get places? 3. Movement and Relationships within Places- How do we interact with Earth? How do we develop? How do we interact with others around the world? Teaching communication, movement, and how people adapt and modify the environment. 4.
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