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Resource Project - EDUC 386 Fall 2010 Broome Resource...

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EDUC 386, Fall 2010 Broome Resource Project Name: Ashlee Sisson 1. APA Citation : Kroll, V. (2007). Good citizen Sarah . Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman and Company. NCSS Theme(s)/Standards : Civic Ideals and Practices VA-SOLs: 2.10 a-e Summary: A young girl named Sarah is excited about her new computer game and showing it to her new friends on a snow day. When the power goes out Sarah sees her neighbors working outside shoveling snow, clearing branches, and wonders how her elderly neighbor is doing by herself. Sarah has to decide whether to help out others or play her game when the power comes back on. Reading Level : Ages 6-9 Theme(s): Importance of Citizenship and Cooperation Social Studies Lesson Application : The students will draw a person that they think is a good citizen and write a paragraph under the picture telling why this person is a good citizen. Other Content Area(s) Lesson Application : The students will build the person they thought of using shapes such as pentagon, hexagon, cube, etc. 2. APA Citation: Adler, D. A. (1997). A picture book of Jackie Robinson . New York, NY: Holiday House. NCSS Theme(s)/Standards: Culture and Cultural Diversity VA-SOLs: 2.11 Summary: This book tells the story of Jackie Robinson. It explains his childhood, his accomplishments in baseball, and what differences he made in other peoples lives. This book discusses prejudice and discrimination, along with what Jackie Robinson had to deal with since he was the first African American to play in the major leagues. Reading Level: Ages 6-8 Theme(s): Racism and Discrimination; Diversity
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EDUC 386, Fall 2010 Broome Social Studies Lesson Application : The students will each choose an American whose contributions improved the lives of other Americans. They will dress up as that person and give a speech explaining what their person did for others.
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